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Duomo Cathedral & Rooftop for Kids

Hello, my name is Paivi, and I’m your private art historian for your family in Milan! I was born in …

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MILANO, Duomo Cathedral
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The beautiful Duomo is the cathedral of Milan and the symbol of the city. It is a huge gothic church made of a special marble coming from a place called Candoglia.
Going inside is like walking into a forest of giant pillars, along the walls many bright stained-glass windows can tell you stories about the Bible and the Saints.
Do you know that in the Duomo you can see a very special clock and you can listen to a story of a unique lift called the Cloud?
During our tour we can climb the 250 steps or take the elevator to reach the rooftop of the cathedral, there we will be surrounded by many statues and hundreds of strange decorations: animals, flowers and also vegetables.
We will learn what is a spire and we will discover a beautiful golden statue called Madonnina, she is the very symbol of Milan.
Do you know how many gargoyles are on the rooftop of the Duomo? Can you guess where their name comes from?

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Indirizzo: Piazza Duomo
Provincia: MILANO
Regione: ITALY
C.A.P.: 20100
Paese: Italia

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